Club Membership Requirements & Obligations Policy

*Please Note: Taken from the SANS Policy Manual (for a full copy, please contact the SANS office).


I.  General:  

The purpose of this policy is to establish and standardize the requirements that member clubs must fulfil to maintain membership status.

II. Requirements: 

a) In accordance with Article V, Section 3 of the By-Laws, member clubs must appoint a representative to the SANS Board of Directors and this representative must fulfil the duties as stated in Article V, Section 1.

b) Member clubs must have their identified Board of Director representative attend a minimum of one Board of Director meetings and two regional zone meetings per calendar year. 

c) Member clubs must *participate in all SANS lotteries, which receive a majority vote by the Board of Directors.  *Participation level to be determined annually by the Board of Directors.

d) In accordance with Article III Section 1-3 of the By-Laws, member clubs must submit annual membership dues within 30 days of the invoiced date.

e)  Member clubs must be incorporated and current with the Nova Scotia Registry of Joint Stock Companies as a not-for profit association.

f) Member clubs must submit an official Club Executive Directory to the SANS office prior to June 30th of each year.  This directory is used to distribute all SANS correspondence to member clubs.  *The names and addresses provided will be used until a new official directory is received by the SANS office.

g) Member clubs must submit a typed Club Membership Directory with the names and mailing addresses for each family or individual club member to the SANS office by April 30th of each calendar year.

h)  Member clubs must submit an official Club Permit Expense Report and Annual Financial Statement to the SANS office prior to June 30th of each year.

i) Member clubs must participate in the SANS charity event (should one be held).

j) Member clubs must agree to only carry out club related activities in their geographical area.  Clubs may carry out activities in another clubs area providing written permission has been obtained from the club in question.

k) Member clubs must participate in the SANS Insurance Program and must abide by the exclusions as identified in the Insurance Program Agreement.

l) Member clubs must annually submit a signed SANS Member Club Agreement and must abide by the terms or Trail Permits will be withheld until this requirement is fulfilled. 

M) Member clubs must sell or purchase $400.00 worth of advertising space in the Sno Trails newsletter per publication season.  If this minimum sales requirement is not met, then the club must pay the shortfall when invoiced.

N) Member clubs must agree to uphold the policies and objectives of SANS.
III. Penalties:

Failure to meet an administrative requirement of the Club Membership Requirements & Obligations and Financial Reporting Policy, by the established deadline will result in a $50.00 fine. 

All other policy infractions will result in penalties that are in the form of deductions from the clubs *Permit Funding Disbursement as identified below.  *Permit Funding Disbursement is defined as the portion of funds allocated to each member club according to their assessment score (see - Permit Funding Disbursement, SANS Permit Agreement coversheet).
IV. Policy Review:

This policy shall be reviewed annually and revised at the discretion of the Board of Directors so long that notice specifying the intention has been given 14 days in advance.
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