1. General:  The purpose of this policy is to establish and standardize the requirements that member clubs must fulfill to maintain membership status.
2. Requirements:
  1. In accordance with Article V, Section 3 of the By-Laws, member clubs must appoint a Zone representative and this representative must fulfill the duties as stated in Article V,
Section 1.
  1. Member clubs Zone Director should attend two Board of Director meetings and two regional zone meetings per calendar year, if required.
  1. Member clubs must agree to only carry out club related activities in their geographical area.  Clubs may carry out activities in another club’s area providing written permission has been obtained from the club in question.
  1. Member clubs must participate in the SANS Trail Liability Insurance Program and must abide by the exclusions as identified in the Insurance Program Agreement.
  1. Member clubs must sell or purchase $300.00 worth of advertising in the Sno’Trails newsletter per publication season.  If this minimum sales requirement is not met, then the club must pay the shortfall when invoiced. Member Clubs who sell in excess of $500.00 worth of Sno’Trails advertising per publication season are entitled to keep 33% of the revenue in excess of the $500.00 and remit the remaining balance to SANS.
  1. Member clubs must agree to uphold the policies and objectives of SANS and must submit the required documents as outlined in the Administration Checklist below. These documents are available on the SANS website or from the SANS office.
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