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SANS Excellence Awards

2018 Award Winners

2017 Award Winners

2016 Award Winners

2013 Award Winners

2012 Award Winners

Outstanding Snowmobile Club - Hants Sno Dunsters
Outstanding Groomer Operator - Jack Atkinson(Cumberland)
Outstanding Family - The Swinamer Family (Hants )
Outstanding Youth - Adam Meehan (The Driftclimbers)
Outstanding Dealership - Route 1
Outstanding Snowmobiler - Mike Notely (Dalhousie)

2011 Award Winners

Outstanding Snowmobiler - Ruth Corkum (AVL&RR)
Outstanding Snowmobile Club - Sutherlands Lake
Outstanding Groomer Operator - Doug Landry(Chignecto)
Outstanding Family - The Penny Family (Crossburn)
Outstanding Youth - Tyler Ryerson (AVL&RR)
Outstanding Dealership - Full Throttle Power Sports

2010 Award Winners

Outstanding Snowmobiler - Gordon Milner (Cumberland)
Outstanding Snowmobile Club - Cumberland
Outstanding Groomer Operator - Bruce Battist (Dalhousie)
Outstanding Family - The Milners (Cumberland)
Outstanding Youth - Jessie Swinimer (Hants Sno Dusters)
Outstanding Dealership - RV Wheel Estate

2006-2009 Award Winners
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