Route Six
Contact: Greg Nix, President

Trail Highlights:

Our trails are connected by The Trans Canada Trail from Oxford to Tatamagouche (Trail 260), serving the local communities of Oxford, Pugwash, Wallace and Wentworth, including Angevine Lake.  Link Trails connect the North Shore/Sunrise Trail area to the Cobequid Mountains and hundreds of kilometers of pristine snowmobiling maintained by our partner clubs!  Highlights on the Route Six system include the Wallace Bridge Historic Site.  This spectacular 440 foot Bridge was constructed in 1889. One hundred feet of the bridge was designed to swing out of the way to allow masted schooners to continue up the river.  Another highlight is that our trails are groomed, and signed into: 10 Food Service/Restaurants, 6 Gas Stations, 6 Convenience Stores, 2 Motels, many airbnb’s, and 2 Snowmobile Repair Shops,  Length of Trail System:  140 kilometers
Trail Permits available for purchase from the following vendors:
Langille's Esso                  Crossroads Cycle           Mike Wood Autobody               
Pugwash    End of 264      Pugwash (Trail 264)       Oxford (Trail 260)

Or-contact Tyler Rushton 9023050305

Snowmobile Friendly Service Providers:

Langilles Esso, Pugwash (End of Trail 264) Fuel/Cnvenience

Thompson Station (Trail 267 to 267 A) Fuel/Convenience

Oxford Irving (Trail 260) Fuel/Convenience

Wallace Ritestop (End of Trail 265) Fuel/Convenience

Wentworth Market Fuel/Convenience 
Trail 262   902-548-2172

TatamagoucheTri-County Ford (Trail 260) Fuel Only
Parkview Family Restaurant & Motel (a few metres from the trail)
Oxford 902-447-2258

Tim Hortons
Oxford 902-447-3338

MacFarlane Lantern Restaurant & Motel (Trail 264 right on the trail)
Pugwash 902-243-2727

Famous Sheryl’s Café (just 50m from end of trail 264)
Pugwash 902-243-2156

Nelly’s Famous Grill (Trail 263)  15 km from Trail 260
Pugwash  902-243-2129

Irving Mainway/Subway

McMahon’s Restaurant (4 km from Trail 260)
Wallace (Trail 265)

Balmoral Motel
Tatamagouche (connected by trail to trail 260)

Big Al's Acadian Restaurant and Lounge
Tatamagouche (Trail 260—connected by short trail)

Porteous Small Engine Repair-
902-694-0388  (Take trail 263 from 260 and stay straight-call ahead)

Crossroads Cycle
Trail 264 near the Sunrise Trail (Route 6)…short trail connects to Crossroads on the north side of the Sunrise Trail behind the Pugwash Fire Department


Route Six has  4 parking/access areas courtesy of Cumberland Trails Association and their partners:
  1.  Water Street; Oxford.  From the TC highway, head into Oxford, make first right, over bridge, trailhead is just up the hill on the right.  Plowed.  Trail 260
  2. Crowley Road, Pugwash. On the Wallace side of the Village, turn right to the Salt Mine.  Trailhead is on your right.  Plowed  Trail 264
  3. Wallace Station Road (Wallace Bridge) Turn onto West Wallace River Road on the west side of Wallace river…take your first left until it ends at Trail 260  (not always plowed but adequate parking on the side of the road on a low traffic area)
  4. Wallace Ball Field (Quarry Branch Trailhead.  By the Ritestop in Wallace, take the 307 towards Wentworth.  At the top of the hill the trailhead is on the ballfield side not far from the Fire Department.  Plowed with overflow parking and frosty bottom washrooms.  Trail 265
  5. Some parking is often available behind the Parkview Motel in Oxford; please get permission at the Restaurant.



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