Club Volunteers and Land Owners make snowmobiling a reality in Nova Scotia.

Organized snowmobiling has existed for over fifty years in Nova Scotia. During the past 25 years it has experienced remarkable development due to committed, dedicated local snowmobile club volunteers. Volunteers drive organized snowmobiling in Nova Scotia.

Local Clubs... Snowmobiling exists today because of snowmobile trails and volunteers. It is volunteers who take the responsibility to secure, prepare, maintain, groom and fund in excess of 5,000 kilometers of trails that link 21 member snowmobile clubs. Club volunteers built our snowmobile trail system and are responsible for ensuring that the trails are safely maintained and signed. Clubs and volunteers are the cornerstone of organized snowmobiling and groomed trails. 

Land Owners... Another cornerstone of organized snowmobiling is the support and generosity of land owners. They permit snowmobile trails to be developed and maintained on their land each winter. A significant amount of our trails  exist because of this generosity. Landowners give the snowmobile clubs permission to operate snowmobile trails through their property so that all may enjoy the beauty of winter.

The SANS... On a provincial level, the SANS is operated by a volunteer Board of Directors, Executive Committee and special working committees. These volunteers meet frequently.  They give up their weekends and evenings to look after the day to day operations of the SANS. The SANS is a group of volunteers who work long and hard hours to keep snowmobiling alive in Nova Scotia. Please remember to take a little bit of extra time to thank them for the trail system that they have provided for your snowmobiling pleasure.

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