International Snowmobile Safety Week

Snowmobile safety has always been a high priority with the snowmobile community. Beginning in the late 1980's the manufacturers, working closely with the International Association of Snowmobile Administrators and the state and provincial snowmobile associations, agreed that a specific week in January of each year should be set aside to highlight the snowmobile safety campaign.

Snowmobile Clubs and Associations are encouraged to sponsor safety related events to draw special attention to safe snowmobile behavior during that week. Elected Officials, community leaders, school teachers, safety trainers and more all work together to heighten the awareness for the need to have safe, responsible behavior while snowmobiling.

An integral part of safety week is the Safe Riders! You make snowmobiling safe safety campaign that was initiated in 1995. The safety program is widely endorsed and supported by snowmobile enthusiasts. 80% of all snowmobilers recognize the Safe Riders! Logo and understand the safety campaign position statements.

The position statements of the campaign are clear and are as follows:
The above position statements are all contained on the 11 separate 4-color posters that are available to state and provincial associations. Chambers of Commerce and Visitor and Convention Bureaus are encouraged to prominently display the posters and help communicate the positive messages to the snowmobiling public.

Materials in the Safe Riders! campaign also include the updated, Safe Riders! 22-minute safety video and TV and Radio ready public service announcements. The safety video serves as an excellent visual support for safety training and can be used at home and or in hotel lobbies to familiarize guests and family members of the importance of safe snowmobiling and related issues.

The campaign recognizes that many accidents occur because the rider has consumed alcohol which affects reaction time and judgement. Reaction time and judgement affect speed, cornering, good judgement and understanding the need for safe behavior. The manufacturers support the Safe Riders! campaign and all of the safety related efforts promoted by grassroots snowmobilers throughout North America. We encourage all of the snowmobile community members to visit the ISMA web site at and order some safe riders!
Materials are available for distribution during your safety week efforts and throughout the year.

Source: Ed Klim, ISMA
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