The position of Safety Coordinator has been put in place to address issues related to safety across the trail system with the goal of further developing a safe and well-maintained trail system for all users.  [read more]


Sno' Trails Newsletter

The official publication of the SANS is published during the snowmobile season. 

Each club member and trail permit holder from the previous season receive a complimentary copy. Sno'Trails contains association news, club events, activities and information on Nova Scotia's snowmobiling scene.

Sno' Trails offers businesses and service providers a unique opportunity to promote 
products and/or services and to identify themselves as supporters of organized snowmobiling. 

For advertising information, please contact your local snowmobile club or the SANS office. 
Download a copy of the contract here: Sno' Trails Advertising Contract

View the latest issue of Sno'Trails:

Winter 2023

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